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Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry To Enter TV Hall of Fame

sg_startrekThe Television Academy’s Hall of Fame has announced their latest inductees. Late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, along with Tom and Dick Smothers and actress Candice Bergen, will be inducted into the hall this January. The Television Academy said on Tuesday they would be joined by Saturday Night Live and game show announcer Don Pardo, The Price is Right game show creator Bob Stewart and Emmy-award winning art director Charles Lisanby for the annual ceremony.

“Each year, the Television Academy has the privilege of honoring television greats that have contributed to the development and success of this ever-evolving medium,” said Television Academy chairman John Shaffner. “This year’s inductees have challenged and shaped popular culture, changed television for the better and entertained us royally while doing so. We are very pleased to be able to induct them into the Hall of Fame for their many achievements.”

The Academy plans to honor its new inductees with a gala Jan. 20 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Roddenberry’s Star Trek franchise includes seven TV series and 10 films. The first TV series began in 1966. Roddenberry passed away in 1991.

In an interview shortly before his death, Roddenberry was asked how he felt about his series changing so many lives.

“When I get a letter, for example, from somebody saying that when Star Trek came on they were not going to go to college, and now they’re graduating from engineering school with honors, I’m staggered by the feeling that, ‘Wow, I can have this feeling and they paid me for it, too!’ It is a complete joy,” says Roddenberry. “I’m also relieved about something. I would want to cut my own throat if this had happened out of a show in which I had an anti-hero saying, ‘Hey man, be smart, get yours while you can, screw the rest!’ If the phenomenon had happened out of that I’d really feel bad.”

“At least we did one with old-fashioned heroes that believe their oath and their word are worth something and they have a respect for life. That’s not too bad if that’s the things it stands for.”

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